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This woman said she made her fortune at 27 and lost everything in 2008. Here’s how she got her life back on track

Patrice Washington started his career before graduating from college.

The USC graduate became a real estate broker while juggling classes and homework during her senior year.

After graduating in 2003, Washington opened its own real estate and mortgage brokerage store. She immediately had to hire employees to meet the demand.

By 2007, she had earned millions and reinvested all of her income in 13 investment properties.

Then the housing market collapsed and the Washington business went bankrupt. The real estate she had parked her money in was worth a fraction of what she paid for.

Today Washington, 39, is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author and podcast host. Watch this video to find out how she rebuilt her life after losing everything and to hear her advice to anyone struggling in the coronavirus economy.

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