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The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Prime Day 2021: When it Starts, Best and Worst Deals, Competing Events, More

Amazon Prime Day – really days, but who matters? – is expected to launch at midnight on June 21 and run through June 22. Amazon historically held its Prime Day in July – Christmas fireworks in July, so to speak, to spark a generally lackluster period in retail. Company executives said June was chosen this year because of the 2021 Summer Olympics that took place in July and the fact that many people take their vacation that month.

Last year, due to the pandemic, Amazon Prime Day was moved to October, offering an early launch during the holiday shopping season.

Will Amazon Prime Day 2021 be worth your time and money? Do not mistake yourself. I, too, am drawn into the whirlwinds and whirlpools of carnival Prime Day, which manages to add (mostly) unnecessary burden to my Amazon Prime Visa card (yes, I’m an Amazon Prime cardholder and have been since. many years now). There is business to be done – and we will get there.

But in case you haven’t been a part of this merchant madness in recent years, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Amazon Prime Day is essentially a yard sale of millions of merchandise that Amazon hasn’t unloaded in the year. last, with more useless than necessary among wrecks and jetsam.

It’s also a huge waste of time because you’re spending your hours (er, working) hoping to win a big deal. You could, but there’s a better chance you won’t. Especially this year.

Here’s what you need to know to find the best deals on Amazon Prime Day 2021 without looking at your computer screen for 48 straight hours:

The Amazon Prime Day model is a lot like Black Friday, for the over 150 million Prime members and any newbies who might stumble through the doors of Prime Day. Amazon Prime Day has deals until they run out on everything from clothing and beauty products to electronics and housewares.

Members, you can preview Prime Day offers by going to Amazon’s Prime Member Offers page. Prime members also have exclusive Prime Day access to “Lightning Deals,” big discounts that are time sensitive – when they’re gone, they’re gone. You can see them on Amazon’s Today Deals page or on the Prime Day page.

And note that some of the early deals have already rolled out, including 40% off smart home devices; a 24-inch Insignia High-Definition Fire TV for $ 99 (was $ 169.99); and 30% off Amazon private labels.

Nathan Terrier The New York Times‘Wirecutter has been following Amazon Prime Day for years now. Amazon is sure to change this year’s event.

Ultimately, Amazon Prime Day 2021 could see fewer stellar discounts than ever before, strategic purchases will therefore be more important than ever, ”says Burrow.

On the one hand, says Burrow, the global semiconductor shortage could mean fewer deals on computers and televisions, and almost any device with a display, a bastion of Prime Days bygone.

Additionally, “certain categories of products available for sale during Prime Days 2019 and earlier, such as quality gaming consoles and fitness equipment, will continue to sell at or near full price,” Burrow said. “Everyday consumer goods, which Prime Day has expanded to include in recent years, will also continue to see their prices rise, according to recent reports, meaning” sales “of these items should be viewed with caution. both in general and during Prime Day. “

Finally, although Amazon has not confirmed it, Vox’s Recode reports that there may be a second Amazon Prime Day – in October.

Oh, non-primers can purchase Prime Day offers as well. You just won’t get the bigger discounts, free shipping and early access to Prime Day offers, or any of the other perks of being an Amazon Prime member. The annual fee to join Amazon Prime is $ 119.

Or consider this little workaround: Join Amazon Prime for a 30-day trial. Give it a whirl on Amazon Prime Day, enjoy your fast and free shipping. . . and, if that’s enough for you, Amazon Prime, cancel before the trial ends and payment begins. Just say.

“You should be able to get a free trial subscription for 30 days, but, even if it’s not available, you can sign up for the monthly price of $ 12.99 rather than paying for a whole year of benefits. “says Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst at deal site DealNews. “And purchasing a one-month subscription will allow you to take advantage of Prime Day offers without committing to a much higher price for a longer subscription.”

On Prime Day 2021, expect Amazon, as it has done in years past, to offer its exclusive products at big discounts: Fire TV and tablets, Echo and Dot speakers, Kindle and Ring doorbells (yes, Amazon owns Ring). Selling these devices at a low price attracts customers and keeps them in the Amazon world, buying more items through Amazon or supporting items, such as books for Kindle, afterwards.

Search for offers on Clothes, which Amazon pushed hard. “Amazon now has its own internal brands, including various clothing brands and its wide range of AmazonBasics products,” says Ramhold. “We expect to see significant discounts on these brands for Prime Day. Currently, Amazon offers discounts of up to 30% on their brands, but these could certainly increase when Prime Day arrives. “

Experts say instant pots, coffee makers and other household and kitchen items should be updated. Burrow expects the following items to be discounted on Prime Day:

  • Amazon devices – Echo smart speakers, display smart screens, Kindle e-book readers, etc.
  • Small kitchen appliances such as instant pot, electric kettles, coffee makers and sous vide cookers
  • Personal care appliances such as hairdryers, electric toothbrushes, razors, beard and body trimmers and water flossers
  • Baby equipment such as car seats, strollers and baby monitors
  • Robots and stick vacuum cleaners
  • Listeners
  • Human and dog DNA tests
  • Food storage containers
  • Board games
  • Gaming mouse and headphones
  • Smart home accessories such as smart light switches, sockets
  • Home security devices such as video doorbells, security cameras and alarm systems
  • Mid-range laptops from Lenovo, Chromebooks from Lenovo and HP
  • Kitchen essentials such as chef’s knives, frying pans, baking tins
  • Tablets, but probably older models such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, S6 Lite, and 4th gen iPad Pro
  • Smart watches
  • Household items such as shoe racks and bath mats
  • Seasonal items such as glasses, coolers, and bug control gear

Deal experts note that the worst things to buy on Amazon Prime Day are items bought under pressure.

According to Wirecutter’s Burrow, “things like countdown clocks [and] flash sales generate a sense of urgency which can lead us to buy before we wonder how this item fits into our lives, or even if the product in question is worth our time or our money.

Wait until Black Friday to buy televisionsbecause more and more retailers will be competing with lower prices.

Same with laptop, which will be rare on Amazon Prime Day; you’ll likely find better prices on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday (although a semiconductor shortage means laptops might not be heavily discounted for a while).

Ramhold cautions against purchasing the popular Nintendo Switch game console and other electronics (aside from Amazon’s proprietary Fire TV and its ilk) from Amazon on Prime Day. “There’s no guarantee we’ll see a deal on Nintendo Switch consoles, but there’s a good chance it’s best to wait anyway if you’re interested,” Ramhold says. “There are a lot of rumors that we might see an announcement for Switch Pro soon, so if there’s any chance you’d prefer this console to normal, it’s best to wait for now.”

Start by creating a personal wishlist of items you target on Amazon Prime Day., advises Ramhold. Check current prices at other retailers ahead of time or arm yourself with the Popcart browser extension (see how it works here) to alert you to price drops elsewhere when shopping on Amazon throughout Prime Day. . (Learn more about our budget deals sites and favorite browser extensions for online shoppers.)

The day before Prime Day, “browse your favorites [Amazon] upcoming ministerial agreements, ”says Ramhold. “This can be done by going to the Today’s Deals page and then collapsing it by department and upcoming deals on the left rail. Whatever interests you, mark it as watching; then, before the deal goes live, you’ll get a notification on your phone (and your computer if you’ve enabled them) so you can jump on it before it sells out.

Get the Amazon app. You won’t need to be logged into your computer and you can receive push notifications when new offers are announced throughout the event.

Also, don’t despair if you miss an attractive Prime Day Lightning offer. “If you just missed a Lightning deal, adding a product list to the waitlist (if available) can allow you to claim any remaining stock if it becomes available again,” Burrow explains.

Retailers like Walmart and Target have stepped up their game against Amazon in recent years during Amazon Prime Day. They will be releasing the big guns again this year. The same will be true for many other retailers.

According to Burrow, “Competing Prime Day sales of Best Buy, Walmart, Target and others provide the opportunity to earn Prime Day savings without a Prime membership.”

Target’s Deal Days will offer massive discounts on hundreds of thousands of items on June 21-22. Walmart takes on Amazon before, during, and after Prime Day with the hottest deals for June 20-23.

“You can find the same or similar products (like Google Home vs. Echo) at the same or lower prices,” says Woroch. “While comparing prices between sites is easier, you can make it even more transparent by downloading a tool like PriceBlink into your browser that will automatically scan competitor sites to see if you can find the same product for less elsewhere. “

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