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Gronkowski says he’ll be making big purchases at some point. “There’s one thing” he wants, he says in the video. “It’s really, really expensive. It’s the private jets.”

So far, however, the only way Gronkowski has treated himself was to treat himself to a cute necklace, which he bought as a personal reward for hitting all of his contract incentives last season. “I’ve never had jewelry in my life,” Gronkowski said. But after borrowing a similar chain from a friend, he gave in and bought one for himself. “It’s been eight years, I haven’t really bought anything in my career.”

At one point, about a year ago, it was reported that Gronkowski and his brothers had racked up a $ 100,000 bar at a casino. But Gronkowski, who prides himself on being the opposite of a spendthrift, said the information was just not true – and that he would rather donate that $ 100,000 to charity rather than it. waste on drinks.

Over the years, Gronkowski has even become a kind of financial advisor for young players. On “Kneading Dough,” Gronkowski said a teammate came to ask him if he should buy a used Hummer for $ 22,000. Gronk asked the player what he is driving at the moment.

“Oh, I have a rental,” replied the player.

After finding out the player was paying $ 400 a week to rent a car, bewildered Gronkowski advised his teammate to buy a car and stop wasting money on a rental. “I was like, Dog, hurry up and buy this Hummer,” Gronkowski said.

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