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The first true Baby Yoda toys became bestsellers in mid-December, although they were only available for pre-order on sales that would not ship until Spring 2020. Disney has since started accepting. pre-orders for Baby Yoda plush dolls. also, and neither will they be in the hands of customers until April 2020 at the earliest.

Director Jon Favreau, who created The Mandalorian for Disney +, wanted Baby Yoda to be a surprise to audiences, so the character was not featured in any trailers or commercials. All preview advertising for The Mandalorian centered around the main character of Pedro Pascal, and Baby Yoda (or “The Child” as it’s officially called in the series) wasn’t even introduced until the end of the series’ first episode. Talk to Hollywood journalist, Favreau explained why he pushed Disney not to include Baby Yoda in the first wave of marketing or toys:

While a TV or movie crew may hide a few secrets from the public, it is much more difficult to do so in the toy industry, which is usually decentralized to the point where a company will have multiple factories around the world, and leaks are common. This is why it has become very common for leaks regarding, for example, upcoming Marvel movies to occur through toy designs. Favreau wanted to avoid this, which meant Disney wasn’t able to have Baby Yoda products ready in time for the holidays. And that in turn meant the inevitable arrival of a black market for homemade figurines on Etsy and other sites, although Disney’s copyright attorneys tried to put a stop to it.

When the news broke official Baby Yoda dolls were on sale at Build-A-Bear stores, fans were, predictably, excited, if not a little anxious to have to wait a little longer.

Based on the soaring Build-A-Bear share price since Baby Yoda’s announced arrival, investors may be just as excited as Mandalorian Fans.

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