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Joe Heider, President of Cirrus Wealth Management, states that Your money or your life offers “a very different approach to personal finance.” Author Vicki Robin spoke to Money earlier this year about the huge and unlikely millennial fan base of her book, A Band Seeking FIRE – or, “Financial Independence, Retire Early.”

Despite Robin’s lack of traditional knowledge in finance or investing, this book is often a must read if you’re looking to retire before you spot your first gray hairs in the mirror. “[It] is really empowering about your relationship with money and how to use it to achieve your best life, ”Heider says.

The Instant Millionaire: A Story of Wisdom and Wealth by Mark Fisher

“This book on financial beliefs and mindset changed my life when I was 18,” says Jason Dorsey, president of the Center for Generational Kinetics, a research and consulting firm that focuses on generations. Y and Z.

Financial security is a key part of early retirement, and Dorsey says The instant millionaire offers real-world tools and information to help people play the game’s side when it comes to building wealth. “The book helps people see that how they see themselves in relation to money and what they think is possible for themselves opens or limits what is possible for them,” he adds. “[It] helped me recognize that the future you want is possible, but it’s up to you to create.

To agree by Robert Chernow

John Challenger, CEO of executive outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, sees a lot of demanding professionals in his job, and his observations led him to come up with this unexpected recommendation from the author of Alexander hamilton, the book that led to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical.

While To agree isn’t about taking early retirement in and of itself, Challenger says this biography of the Civil War hero and president is a great way “to see how people have been able to pivot and adjust to their circumstances to make meaningful progress in their lives. their career”. Through Chernow’s exhaustive research, readers experience in depth how Ulysses S. Grant reinvented himself time and time again, says Challenger.

The Elements of Investing: Easy Lessons for Every Investor by Burton Malkiel and Charles Ellis

Jonathan Clarke, associate professor at Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business, praises The elements of the investment. He calls it “the best book on personal finance for young people,” saying it “is simple and easy to read. It emphasizes passive investing strategies, which tend to work the best.

Clarke also praises Malkiel’s other investing bible (and favorite of Money readers) A random walk on Wall Street. “I read this book about 25 years ago and it has had a huge impact on the way I invest, ”he says.

The millionaire next door by Thomas Stanley and William Danko

“This is not a get-rich-quick book, but a way to see the practical and cumulative effects of recognizing how you spend, save and invest to reach your financial goals,” says Dorsey.

The millionaire next door is essential reading for people who want to retire early, as it offers a research-based strategy for financial independence, says Dorsey. “The book is full of interesting data and stories that make it very readable and answer the question of how to access your financial freedom by starting wherever you are today,” he says. (Joe Heider of Cirrus Wealth Management also congratulates Millionaire next door for giving readers “great lessons in financial independence.”)

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